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Q&A: Can I wear a tampon for discharge when I do not have my period?

As tempting as it is to use a tampon for everyday vaginal discharge, this is not a good idea. Even the lightest tampons are meant to absorb a lot more stuff than you will make in a normal day when you are not on your period. You won’t be wet enough down there and the tampon won’t get full enough to be comfortable going in or coming out. It’s not fun taking out a nearly dry tampon – ouch! It would also be tempting to leave the tampon in much longer than it should be since it won’t be getting filled up quickly, but that could put you at risk for infections in your vagina or more even more serious but rare things like toxic shock syndrome. Bottom line, liners are the better choice for everyday vaginal discharge and save the tampons for your period.
If you were my daughter, you would get a big no out of me on this one.  Tampons are for periods (for the medical breakdown please check out Dr. Molly’s response). The good news you have other pretty cool options out there so hopefully you are smiling now! There are super light panty liners that could help you tremendously, and disposable wipes as well. This discharge is something the majority of us deal with so remember you are not alone, just be smart about your choices in handling it.

Discharge has definitely ruined at least a few pairs of my underwear, but I try to remind myself it's just my body keeping itself clean. See what Dr. Molly has to say! If you think the amount or type of discharge you have is changing, you might want to see your healthcare professional to find out if something else is going on.