How does The Pill affect your period?

While many think of birth control pills only as a way to prevent pregnancy, they have many benefits. Taking a birth control pill can help regulate your period. Often causing your bleeding to become lighter, shorter and more predictable. Pills also reduce cramping, bloating, and can decrease acne. The pill isn't perfect and can have side effects, so ask your healthcare professional for all of the facts, and read the information provided with the pill.
Since the pill is regulated with a certain amount of days that you must take pills, there are benefits to taking them. Girls on the pill know exactly what day their period should start. I've found that my periods are lighter, although that could also be due to my body changing. My doctor actually put me back on the pill because I was having severe cramps and it's helped tremendously. Basically, birth control pills affect the "when" of getting your period.
It depends on the pill. For instance, when I told my doctor about my frequent hormonal migraines (due to my period) she recommended that I take a pill that limited my periods to four a year. Yep. Four. I've been taking it for years now and the headaches are gone, due to the balance the pills provide to my hormone levels. Not to mention the joy of just four periods a year. This pill in particular, when taken once a day, prevents my body from releasing an egg. Then as I end the first pack of pills there are lower dose estrogen pills that cause me to have a 'pill' period. Which result in lighter and usually shorter periods than before. But like I said, there are a lot of options out there, so ask a healthcare professional to help find one right for you.
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