They say that menstrual blood has no odor, but mine does. Why?

Actually the blood from your period doesn’t have any odor but, because blood is a great place for bacteria to grow, the normal bacteria we all have in our vaginas or on the skin outside take hold and grow. It’s these pesky bacteria that cause the funky smell. If you change your pad more often, every couple of hours when you are flowing more, you can feel clean and avoid any odor.

From what I understand, menstrual blood itself doesn’t have an odor, but odor associated with it can be caused by a number of things.  If you don’t smell anyone else’s menstrual blood I would guess that no one can smell yours either.

Unless the odor bothers you, I wouldn’t worry about it.  There are lots of natural things about our bodies that people get talked into disguising when there really is no need. If the odor is particularly bothersome, or is different from how you typically smell, I would make an appointment with your healthcare provider to look into it.

You’re right, it’s not supposed to have an odor and it’s a common misconception that it does. However, bacteria naturally present in your vagina can mix with the blood and create an odor, as can an unchanged pad, among other things.

Are you sure it is your menstrual blood that you are smelling? I know it sounds kinda crazy but knowing what is normal and abnormal smell for your body is important. So, if it is your blood carrying the odor, I think it means you should check out what our Health Expert Molly has to say about it and your healthcare provider as well.
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