Can you get pregnant by kissing during your period?

The only way you can get pregnant is by having sex. But I understand your question; there are a lot of rumors out there relating to pregnancy. When I was younger me and my friends Googled “Can you get pregnant from…” a dozen times, because we had false information. If you aren’t sexually active you can stop worrying about getting pregnant because there is no way that is possible. However if/when you do become sexually active, remember that you CAN get pregnant anytime, even during your period.
Good news for kissing, the answer is no! The only way you can get pregnant is through sexual intercourse. Your ovaries release an egg monthly and if the sperm is introduced through sex, it can cause a pregnancy. I have described this in very broad terms so I suggest you see what our healthcare expert has to say about it. Just know, kissing is perfectly okay! Thanks for the question, you just helped bust another myth.
There is only one way for a woman to get pregnant - and that is for her to have sexual intercourse with a man. Although there are a variety of other kinds of sexual activity, only one can result in a pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a woman CAN get pregnant if she has sexual intercourse even if it is during her period. This is why it is so important that women who are engaging in sexual intercourse use protection (contraception) every time.
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