If you have a heavy period, does it mean that you're more fertile?


Everyone and their periods are different. They come in all shapes and sizes and flows and lengths in this case. Your period can be very heavy and last only a few days or very light and last a big longer. Check out what Dr. Molly says on the fertility aspects of this one.


Not really. A heavy period usually just means that you have heavy periods — nothing more and nothing less. When it comes to menstruation, we're all a bit different. Some of us have light, barely there periods, and others’ periods (mine included) seem to want to rival the Mississippi River. There's one thing to note, though. If your period is suddenly heavier than is typical for you or you're having unusual clotting then you should discuss it with your healthcare provider.


Nope. How heavy your periods are has little relationship to how fertile you are. If you have super light periods, lasting only a day or two, it may be more difficult to get pregnant. But having heavy flow doesn’t mean that you will get pregnant more easily. Predictable timing of your period (meaning that the time between the first day of one period and the first day of the next is consistent) usually means you will find it easier to get pregnant than someone who’s periods are very irregular in their frequency. Never rely on the timing of your cycle or having a light flow to prevent pregnancy. Always use protection!

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