In my school, the trend is to kick or hit your friend's vagina. Could this trend end up causing problems? My friend kicked me really hard in my vagina and it hurt extremely bad.


I would imagine being kicked in the vagina hurts. I wouldn’t know specifically from experience but I can compare it to running into the corner of a table. And whenever I run into a table, which happens too often, I’m brought to tears. Being kicked, period, can end up causing problems later on. I can’t say exactly which or what kind of problems you’d run into after being kicked in the vagina too many times, but I don’t think you should have to try and draw a line to determine how many kicks it would take to make someone regret allowing it. Don’t allow your friends to kick you, even if it’s a trend and even if it doesn’t end up causing problems. Why is it okay to kick a girl in the vagina but completely off-limits to kick a boy in the balls? Don’t let anyone kick you in the vagina – don’t take the risk of finding out if it indeed leads to any future problems and simply, don’t let people think it’s okay to kick you.


I am so sorry that you were hurt. That act is so incredibly wrong, painful and humiliating. If you were my daughter, I would tell you the same thing. No “friend” should ever kick you there or anywhere on your body regardless of the latest trend. When my girls share stuff with me they know is wrong at school I advise them to report it to their counselor or a teacher they respect. Many kids do not want to be singled out so I tell them to ask to remain anonymous so no one will know.

You can help put an end to this dangerous new game by telling someone and steps can be taken before another girl gets hurt so badly they end up in the hospital. If you are reading this and still are in pain, you need to share that with your mom, or a family member that you trust. Tell them what happened no matter how embarrassed you might feel; you should not endure this pain and  possibly should see your healthcare professional. Please write us back and let us know how you are doing, and thank you for being brave enough to share this.


Ouch!  Not only does this “trend” sound incredibly mean-spirited, it is also dangerous. Could it cause problems later on? Maybe. Physically, your vagina can bruise like any other part of your body. More importantly, when violence like this becomes a “trend”, it sends the message that it is okay to hurt and disrespect another person’s body. No one has a right to physically hurt you and your female friends like this! If you see this happening, say something – to the person doing the kicking, a teacher, an administrator, or a parent. Let them know that you’re not going to sit back and watch while girls get hurt. In this case, telling an adult who can step in is a sign of strength, and may be the best way for you to stand up for yourself and for your friends. 

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