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Q&A: Can you induce your period by using a heating pad or taking vitamin C? I'm 3 days late and it's driving me crazy!

I wish! I hate it when I can tell my period should have come and it hasn’t! Vitamin C is an interesting question though. High doses of Vitamin C may increase estrogen levels in some women and in theory MAY delay the onset of your period. Again, in theory, if you stop it suddenly it can cause a drop in estrogen and your period would start. If you take Vitamin C at high doses for a longer time though (exactly how long isn’t clear) your body will adjust and your hormones will level out and your period won’t be affected. A heating pad will bring more blood flow to your pelvis and uterus but that won’t bring your period on any sooner although it can help soothe cramps!

I’d never heard of either of these options and started doing some research.  If you look around online you can find several references to using vitamin C to induce your period, but please read Dr. Molly’s answer so you understand what this does to your body.

As far as I know, there's no guaranteed way to induce your period. But you'll have to read what health expert Dr. Molly has to say to find out for sure. I've definitely been two or three days late before, but if you still don't get your period in another couple days, it might be worthwhile to think about if it's possible you might be pregnant. If you haven't had sex, then no worries! But if you have had sex (even protected sex) recently, taking an at-home pregnancy test could settle any doubt you might have. If there's no chance you're pregnant and your period still hasn't arrived, it's time to see your healthcare professional!