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Q&A: Is it okay to have a beauty mark inside of your labia majora above and to the right of my clitoris?

When you say “beauty mark,” something that looks like a freckle comes to my mind. If we are both picturing the same thing, then I would say that it is not too uncommon to have one near or around the vaginal area. So, what to do about it? Watch it like any other mole or freckle (or beauty mark) that you have. Look for changes in color and size. If it is larger than the size of a pencil eraser, has uneven edges, has many colors, feels different, or does not look the same on both sides (asymmetry), make sure to see your health care provider right away. Otherwise, let your health care provider know so that the two of you can check it each year as a part of your regular skin exam.

Beauty marks can appear anywhere you have skin; so, basically anywhere on your body. Unless it is bothering you or starts to appear discolored or misshapen, I wouldn’t think there’s any issue. Definitely keep an eye on it, so you can report any changes to your medical practitioner.

I think the fact that you called it a beauty mark pretty much answers that question for you! Yes, it’s totally okay to have moles and freckles all over your body – including your vagina. And being aware of what your skin looks like down there is great because if anything ever appears there that is cause for alarm, you’ll know right away that it’s out of the ordinary.