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Q&A: Is it possible to have your period without having blood come out? I get all the symptoms except for the blood coming out.

It is possible, but not likely. Very rarely a girl can have periods and not see blood come out of the vagina because the hymen isn’t open. If it’s been more than two and a half years since breast development started and you are having symptoms of a period but seeing no blood, it’s time to head to your healthcare provider for assessment. If it hasn’t been two and a half years since breast development started, you might be gearing up for periods with hormonal shifts that can give many of the symptoms of a period without actually having a period.

I wish I could ask you some questions, like have you ever had a period? How old are you? How long has this been going on?  If you have never had a period and this has only happened once or twice, it could be that your body is prepping for your first period. Also, many period symptoms are very similar to reactions to stress (and being a teenager can be stressful!). Fatigue, bloating, and even stomach/lower abdominal pain can also be contributed to diet, exercise, and stress. If this has been happening for longer than a few months I would suggest you read Dr. Molly’s answer and then consider talking to your medical practitioner.

Yes, this is possible, and there are quite a few causes for having period symptoms with bleeding. One cause is hormonal imbalances based on age, stress, pregnancy, and other factors. Why not check out what Dr. Molly has to say, and if you’re still wondering, try contacting your healthcare provider for some answers.