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Q&A: How can having the flu or having a cold affect your period?

Any time you are really sick, it can throw your cycle off track. A cold isn’t usually enough to screw things up, but a flu with high fever for a few days or lots of vomiting and diarrhea can make your body think that you aren’t well enough to get pregnant. So your body might delay or prevent ovulation for that cycle. Your body is pretty smart. When you are really sick, your hormone levels change and make it more difficult for your body to stay on track to get your period. Sometimes this means you will have your period earlier, sometimes later, but of course you should never count on an illness preventing ovulation. Assume any cycle, no matter how sick you are, will result in ovulation and pregnancy is a possibility. Always use a condom!

While I’m not sure if the flu or a cold specifically can affect your period, I do know that illness can throw you off a bit. If you’ve been down with a bug and your period is a little late, it could be attributed to your illness. Just take care of your body and get yourself well – your period will fall back in line. I hope you feel better soon!

With flu season just around the corner, I bet a lot of girls are wondering about this. The physical stress of a cold or flu does have the potential to throw your period off, especially if you’re a period newbie. However, if your period continues to be irregular or you feel something isn’t right down there, it’s always best to consult a healthcare provider for answers.