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Q&A: I feel like I cry more easily on my period. I feel like just renting sad movies and bawling my eyes out. Is this bad?

Lots of women find that their moods change right before and during their periods. Some (like you) find that they cry more easily, others get crankier than usual and still others just feel "down" or "blue." You may feel as though it doesn't take much to get you upset. You might also notice that you feel more tired than usual, your pants feel too tight, your breasts are sore or you get cramps or headaches. None of these things are "bad"; they're just signs of PMS (premenstrual syndrome). It's normal, and caused by changes in your hormone levels. Most women find that they have one or more of these symptoms right before their period comes. The good news is that it shouldn't last more than a day or two.

While you might be tempted to curl up in bed and hide when you are on your period, there are lots of things you can do that might make you feel better. Try doing something active that you enjoy or talking with a friend. Though you might want to down a box of chocolate chip cookies, you will probably feel better if you try to eat well and drink lots of water. Getting an extra hour or two of sleep can also help you deal with PMS. This is a great chance for you to do something nice for yourself. Paint your toenails or download that new tune you've been wanting.

If your "blue mood" gets in the way of your daily life, or lasts for more than a couple days, it's important that you get help. In rare cases, feeling sad and more emotional than usual can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as depression. Talk to a parent, doctor, school nurse, counselor or other trusted adult about what you're experiencing.
Some months you might feel like crying and some months you might feel giddy, or hyper or any number of different emotions. My daughter was going through this same feeling and her doctor told her something we both still appreciate, "There is nothing wrong with feelings." It is never bad to feel sad or to feel like crying around your period. If you're interested, I'm sure your healthcare professional can explain how your hormones make you more sensitive during that time. But whether you choose to seek out more information or not, know that every woman feels that way occasionally. If the sad feelings continue long past your period, though, you should talk to someone about it.
Sounds like PMS to me. I get a little overemotional around my period too. I just go with it because every now and then I just need a good cry. Sometimes my body knows just what I need even if it does include tears and "A Walk to Remember!"