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Q&A: I just started my period and then I took a shower and I'm not bleeding anymore. Is that normal?

Totally normal! Because your flow is not always continuous, you might notice that it pauses once in awhile. You might especially notice this the first or the last days of your period. I personally notice a little pause after I use the restroom or after showering. Gravity (from standing) and muscle straining (from pushing out your pee or poop) also move any blood that is sitting in the vagina out, so you might see a slower flow after doing either of those. The heaviest, more continuous flow tends to be days 2 and 3 of your period (on average). But to be safe and not let any surprises sneak up on you; always wear a pad or tampon!
Keep in mind that there are a lot of things that can affect your cycle and your flow -- though the shower itself probably isn't one of them. Try not to worry about whether this sudden stoppage is normal because when it comes to periods, what's typical for you may be different from what others experience. It could simply be a coincidence that the flow stopped just as you stepped out of the shower. (Maybe it even started up again later?) Some days, you might have a heavy flow in the morning but lighter in the afternoon. And, of course, it takes a while for your periods to become regular if you've just recently had your first one. So try to be patient. In time, you'll probably see some patterns and become more regular. Although I have to say, it would be kind of nice to be able to just step into the shower to stop the bleeding sometimes, wouldn't it?
When you’re a period newbie, irregular periods can be the norm. Your hormones are in a constant state of flux, causing your period to be a little…well…wonky. That said, I do find my period runs lighter after a bath or shower. But in a few hours it’s right back to normal and there’s a chance yours could be too. I find it best to use a panty liner any time my period is more of a question mark (and THIS is one of those times). Hope this helps!