Q&A: I have hair on the inside of my vagina, like on the flaps. How do I get it out?

It is normal to have hair on the inner part of your vagina. The “flaps”, or labia, typically have some hair, which may be thinner or finer than the hair on the outer part of the vagina. Removing this hair is unnecessary, as it cannot be seen even when you wear a bathing suit. Some women prefer to have a “shaved” look, but think carefully before making the decision to have this hair removed. The skin on the inner part of your vagina is extremely sensitive, and may be irritated by a razor blade, wax, or other removal device, and by the re-growth of hair that follows shaving. This could lead to infection or discomfort such as itching. Also, a razor cut or burn to this area would be very painful, so you may want to think twice before using a sharp blade in this area of your body. If you are really concerned about the hair on the inner part of your vagina, you may want to turn to a professional who is familiar with hair removal such as bikini-line waxing. Though it might be a little embarrassing at first, you can rest assured that they have quite literally “seen it all” and will be able to advise you as to the safest and least-painful hair removal options.

I’m not familiar with this so I did some checking around and it looks like this is quite common.   Removing this hair requires a very delicate touch.  If you do shave, be slow and careful or try waxing (again using utmost care).

Unless it really bothers you, there is no reason to remove this hair.  If you choose to do so, my recommendation would be to find a professional aesthetician.  Ask your friends, check reviews, and get some recommendations.  Take the time to talk with the aesthetician and let her know exactly what you are looking for.

There are a few different hair removal options. There is trimming, waxing or shaving. There is even doing nothing at all to it. In my opinion, there is no rule to how you should keep your pubic hair. It is really just what you feel comfortable with. Whichever method, you do choose, be sure you’re careful. It’s a sensitive area so be careful with razors and wax. The last thing you want is a boo-boo down there!