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Q&A: Lately my period has become more like normal blood. Bright red, no clumps, and no odour. Is there something wrong? This isn't normal for me.

Good news! This is fine. Even though your period has been different in the past as long as your period is only lasting 3-7 days, the color of the blood and whether or not there are clumps in it doesn’t matter. The bright red color and lack of clumps means that your uterine lining is shedding at a really steady rate. Odor with periods happens when bacteria in your vagina get a foothold since bacteria love to grow in blood and so sometimes if your flow is slower, bacteria can take hold and sometimes cause a mild odor. Be sure to change your pad or tampon frequently during your period to prevent bacterial growth and avoid odor but know that if your flow is so heavy you’re soaking a tampon or pad through in just an hour or two, you need to see your healthcare professional.

I am a mom and not a healthcare professional, so I will respond as if you were one of my daughters (except I won’t call you honey). Our health expert, Dr. Molly, says that it’s fine and that the color of the blood doesn’t matter. But if this isn’t normal for you, and you’re feeling worried, there’s no harm in talking to your healthcare provider to get the answers you need.

I like that you used the phrase "normal for me." It tells me you understand that what's "normal" for someone else might not be "normal" for you! My "normal" (i.e., typical) period usually alternates between the colors and consistencies you described: Some days, it's bright red and thin, other days, it's clumpy and brownish. From what I can tell from my own experience and my knowledge of how menstruation works, that's pretty common. But we have to go back to the phrase you used, "normal for me." If this is something that's unusual for you, or if you have any other new symptoms, you might feel better if you schedule an appointment with your healthcare professional. I'm sure our health expert Molly also can shed some light on the issue.