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Q&A: Am I normal? When I feel the inside of my vagina, the walls are smooth, but in the center, all the way in the back there is a soft squishy lump. It feels like it comes to a point, and there is a slit in it, about a finger tip wide or so.

You found your cervix! Good job! You've described it perfectly and it's in the right spot. The cervix is the very base of the uterus and at the very top of the vagina often near the back when you are putting your fingers inside. It's normal alright!
It seems to me you've just described the basic anatomy of the vagina -- and yours sounds perfectly normal. If you can find an illustration of the vagina, it will give you a good idea of what you described so you can see all of the parts, where they are and what they look like. Everybody's parts are, of course, slightly different because that's just how bodies are, but looking at an illustration will help you see and understand the basic makeup of your vagina and where it leads.
Good for you for exploring your body! The vagina has a lot of different parts and everyone’s feels and looks slightly different. I don’t know for sure what you are touching as there are a few parts of the vagina that feel differently (including a textured area). Since what you are describing seems to have a slit, I think it could be your cervix, which is what connects your vagina and your uterus. I am sure our healthcare expert can tell you more about that. Keep asking questions!