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Q&A: I am a light-skinned female. Why is my vagina dark?

Even the palest woman on earth has a much darker vagina than her usual skin tone. Sort of like your gums and tongue are much darker even if you're pale, so too your vagina and inner labia will be darker. If you have blood relatives with darker skin tones, even if you are pale, that can influence how dark your vaginal mucosa will be. Just know that all vaginas are darker, this is normal.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read your question was all of us are not “made to order.” We are each unique and the color everywhere depends on the level of pigment or melatonin in our skin. If it’s okay with your mom or guardian, take a look at the book Body Drama by Nancy Redd; it rocked this old mom’s world. I had never seen up close how different we all are until page 118. Just remember, if you are healthy and things are working down there, all is good.

I’m going to say those words that everyone hates to hear, or well, read -- everyone is different and unique. Don’t compare yourself to others. There is no perfect vagina or a specific color or shape, I promise. All girls are different or we wouldn’t be us.